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A Fully Managed Dedicated Server will distribute 100% of its resources to power just your websites and applications, unlike shared, virtual or cloud environments where the server’s resources are split among other users. All of our fully managed dedicated servers are custom built and with our free expert advice you’ll choose the right storage, performance and backup options to meet your demands now and in the future.

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Las Vegas is quickly becoming the go-to data center market for companies looking for an economical option when launching a west coast presence.

Geographic: Las Vegas is located close to every major market on the west coast. The LA metro area is only 4 hours by car, there are dozens of flights a day to Silicon Valley.

Power: Las Vegas power costs are significantly lower than neighboring California and Arizona

Connectivity: Our LAS1 location is popular with customers looking for a presence in the western US, as well as those serving content to Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Our network features connectivity to the Any2 peering exchange in Los Angeles, giving us direct connectivity to hundreds of networks.

Hazard Overview: Las Vegas is located in the United States safe zone, with almost no risk of floods, hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes.

Xeon E3-1230v3 Xeon D-1541 Dual Xeon L5640
Starting at $169.95/mo Starting at $169.95/mo Starting at $189.95/mo
250GB SSD or 1TB HDD 250GB SSD or 1TB HDD 250GB SSD or 1TB HDD
4x CPU Cores 3.4Ghz 8x CPU Cores 2.1 Ghz 12x CPU Cores 2.2Ghz
Gig-e Network Port Gig-E Network Port Gig-E Network Port
cPanel or Interworx cPanel or Interworx cPanel or Interworx
Fully Managed Fully Managed Fully Managed
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