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Are you looking for a high speed large storage server?  A server and network were you can place your large files you want to distibute over the internet to others?  Then look no further, we off large storage plans on a Gig-E network fully managed so all you have to do it upload your data and start serving your content.  Each download server is backed by triple redundant utility power, UPS and Generator backup systems, N+1 cooling, and a fully redundant network including a BGP blend of several different carriers.

Our managed download servers are setup with FTP and WWW services ready to serve your downloads right away! Test our network speeds at

Managed Dedicated Servers

Our Download Servers

Just 2.95's Download Servers are focused on providing highly reliable, ultra low latency network connectivity, suitable for any application. Our network is built with a fully redundant architecture, and scales globally.

Directly Connected Upstream Providers:

Hurricane Electric
Cogent Communications
Telia Company
GTT Communications
China Telecom
China Unicom
Notable Private Peers:
Apple, Inc.
Google Fiber
Public Peering Points:
Kansas City Internet eXchange (KCIX)
DE-CIX New York
DE-CIX Frankfurt
Minneapolis Internet Cooperative Exchange (MICE)
Seattle Internet eXchange (SIX)

500GB Download Server 1TB Download Server 2TB Download Server
Starting at $49.95/mo Starting at $59.95/mo Starting at $69.95/mo
FTP/WWW Server FTP/WWW Server FTP/WWW Server
Gig-e Network Port Gig-E Network Port Gig-E Network Port
Fully Managed Fully Managed Fully Managed
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