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Affordable Fully Managed Interworx VPS

Just 2.95 provides VPS servers that could be managed by the InterWorx control panel. To have full administrator access and be able to completely manage your VPS, we offer the NodeWorx server admin level panel. It is a system administrator interface for managing server-wide behavior and hosting accounts. Upon login, you will have the current status of system services, graphs of recent CPU, memory and bandwidth usage and all the general server information available to from the home screen.

Our Extremely Fast Managed VPS are Hosted in data centers in the United States of America - Missouri. Our Managed VPS hosting offers the best possible connectivity to the greatest number of ISPs and world traffic destinations. We offer Private, redundant 10Gbit uplinks shared with each USA VPS through virtual 1Gbps Premium worldwide IP connectivity via Level3, Cogent, XO, and other Tier 1 ISPs.




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Just 2.95 offers fully managed VPS plans which means we will get everything setup for you, tweaked, modified, and optimized and then hand over login credentials to the Interworx control panel to you.  Allowing you to focus on your business and your websites, not your servers.  This is our job and we are more then happy to do so.  Delivery time of your managed VPS can take up to 24 hours depending on order time and payment times.

Some of our fully managed features at a glance.

Your managed VPS will come installed with CentOS 7 and the following.

  • Interworx Control Panel.
  • Apache Webserver.
  • SSD enabled VPS’s with tons of space.
  • If ordered your remote backups will be setup and configured.
  • Firewall configuration.
  • Database Optimized
  • and more!

Why would you need a managed VPS or a virtual private server? There are many reasons but the most common reasons are that one has out grown a standard hosting or shared hosting plan, due to either your site(s) are growning and you need more space, you need more power, you might even need a custom setup or script(s).  A VPS allows you to do all this and more!  Do you want to start your own hosting business?  Then one of our managed VPS plans is a great starting point. Do you want to offer hosting plans to your family and friends, then a VPS is the way to go. Want to do all of this but no worry about management, or setup, or just don’t know what root is, or how to install, or setup a system like this?  Then a managed VPS from Just 2.95 is the best way to go, the way to get you going without breaking the bank.  Want to learn more, or have more questions, then open up a ticket and one of our sales staff members will be happy to answer all your questions and help addresss all your needs!

Interworx allows you a GUI to perform regular system tasks

Updating your server, managing CRON jobs and inspecting system log files can all be done without having to SSH into your server. You can now do simpler system administration tasks without having to learn Linux command line aptitude.

Interworx makes it is easier to monitor your VPS

Memory usage, disk space footprint, network throughput, web server load, MySQL requests, ftp server traffic, mail server performance and more are all meticulously tracked and charted on graphs for your review.

Interworx has a very feature-rich interface

Email, IMAP, FTP, NFS, spam protection, virus protection, SSH access, firewall rules and IP addresses are all configurable from the interface without ever having to look at a command prompt.

Interworx makes your clients feel at home with rebranding

InterWorx boasts a versatile theming and rebranding system that allows seamless integration with the look and feel of your main site and billing portal. Clients won’t be confused by visual differences between sub sections of your service.

InterWorx is designed to stay out of your way

At the end of the day, you just want to get things done. Sometimes that means it would be easier to just login to the server via SSH to tweak a config file, install a new php module or fix website permissions, manually. With InterWorx, you can do that. We sandbox the control panel system as much as possible from the SiteWorx userland web server and PHP system so that hosts are able to configure the HTTP service as they desire without worrying about breaking the panel’s dependence on a specific setup. This gives hosts the freedom to try different configurations on their server, choosing the one that suits their service best. Do you need some special PHP extensions? Load them up! Want MySQL 8? Just google for a relevant yum repository, or even install from source. InterWorx will still work with it just fine.

Affordable Fully Managed Interworx VPS

Let Just 2.95 help you grow and expand your business to the next level, a managed vps from Just 2.95 will allow  you more control, larger space, more freedoms over a shared hosting plan.  Need a custom piece of software NO Problems!  We are here to help you grow and expand in all your needs!

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